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        Oral Care Series

        Visible Interdental Cleaner

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        About Us

        Guangzhou T.K Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
        Guangzhou T.K Medical
        Instrument Co., Ltd. is a
        hi-tech company which
        researches, develops,
        manufactures and sells
        surgical medical devices. It


        iSee Oral Care series showcased in 2019 ADA Annual Meeting and FDI Exhibition
        Big News: iSee? Oral Website is online now!
        Welcome to visit our booth at IDS 2019 in Cologne, Germany

        Copyright 2019 (C) Guangzhou T.K Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

        Company Email: sales@gtkmedical.com

        Company address 1: A601, Guangzhou International Business Incubator, Guangzhou Science Park, Guangzhou, China

        Company address 2: No. 7, Jianye Six Road, East Zone of Technological and Development District, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China

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